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Web Designers & Developers use web browsers in their everyday activity. This is the reason I wanted to share some very useful Google Chrome short-cut keys. You will find out how useful Chrome hot keys are once you start using them. They will help save you time and of course impress your friends & colleagues with the amazing browsing skills you’ve learned. Type name of site and press Ctrl+Enter – adds www. to beginning and .com to end of your query and opens it as a web address in current tab.

Chrome LogoShort Cut Keys

  • Ctrl+ – Zoom In
  • Ctrl- – Zoom out /
  • Ctrl+0 – Reset Zoom
  • F5 – this combination reloads the webpage
  • Ctrl+r – this combination reloads the webpage
  • Ctrl+u - view webpage source
  • Ctrl+Shift+i – Developer Tools dashboard
  • Ctrl+Shift+j – JavaScript Console
  • type about:plugins in the address bar to open the tab all of your installed plugins
  • Ctrl+Shift+t restore last closed tabs up to ten tabs
  • Shift + Esc – view Chrome task manager
  • Shift+Alt+t – use arrow keys to navigate between different buttons on the toolbar
  • Alt+d – jump to address bar; highlights current webpage URI
  • Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8 – Jump to first tab, second tab, etc.
  • Ctrl+9 – navigates you to the last tab
  • Alt+f - opens the main menu (wrench icon on the dashboard)
  • Shift+F10 – open context menu
  • Esc – stop webpage loading
  • Ctrl+Tab – navigate through the next / previous tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab – navigate through the next / previous tab
  • Ctrl+F5 – reload current webpage with cache override
  • Shift+F5 – reload current webpage with cache override
  • Ctrl+Shift+n – new Chrome window in incognito mode

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