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How Technology & Social Networks Changed Our Lives Forever

The Modern Age has come on the backs of many technological advances. And just like all the other before, there are those who view the change as bad & evil, while others can’t get enough of the cutting edge. Life would be extremely different without TVs, Cell Phones, the InternetRead the Rest…

Code Snippet Resources

Every once in awhile it is nice to not have to re-invent the “wheel” and start with a base set of code. It is also nice to have resources where handy bits of code are accumulated.  You could start a GitHub Repo saving your most commonly used snippets there. OrRead the Rest…

Internet Explorer Developer Tools Keyboard Shortcuts


Developer Tools Keyboard Shortcuts Developer Tools Menu Bar Shortcut Keys Action Shortcut Keys Open/Close Developer Tools F12 Resize to 800×600 Ctrl+Shift+1 Resize to 1024×768 Ctrl+Shift+2 Resize to 1280×768 Ctrl+Shift+3 Resize to 1280×1024 Ctrl+Shift+4 Switch to Quirks mode Alt+Q Switch to Windows Internet Explorer 7 Standards mode Alt+7 Switch to Internet Explorer 8Read the Rest…

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