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What I learned by going to Code Camp as a mid level developer


So I have been hearing about these “Code Bootcamps,” Code Schools, and other online academies that offer to level up my skills to help become employable. I did some research, looked at the chart of features, and compared pricing of the major players in this market. After some digging around,Read the Rest…

How Technology & Social Networks Changed Our Lives Forever

The Modern Age has come on the backs of many technological advances. And just like all the other before, there are those who view the change as bad & evil, while others can’t get enough of the cutting edge. Life would be extremely different without TVs, Cell Phones, the InternetRead the Rest…

Welcome to my Portfolio


Welcome to and thanks for stopping by to see my website portfolio and blog. Here is a quick introduction to who I am and how you can reach me. I have lived on both coasts of the United States of America for extended periods of time, but did myRead the Rest…

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