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HubSpot Design Certification

I I passed my HubSpot Design Certification multiple choice & practicum exams as well as the Email Marketing and am now a fully certified with the academy. The Design Certification was a very informative online class about the design tools available for you in the HubSpot system. It was focusedRead the Rest…

HubSpot Inbound Certification Program


I recently took a very nice and informative marketing class online. It was designed by a company called HubSpot and was focused on tipping the normal marketing approach on it’s head. The idea that you need the hard sale or pitch was fine for it’s era, but things have changedRead the Rest…

Code Snippet Resources

Every once in awhile it is nice to not have to re-invent the “wheel” and start with a base set of code. It is also nice to have resources where handy bits of code are accumulated.  You could start a GitHub Repo saving your most commonly used snippets there. OrRead the Rest…

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