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Welcome to ChuckDowe.com and thanks for stopping by to see my website portfolio and blog. Here is a quick introduction to who I am and how you can reach me. Chuck DoweI have lived on both coasts of the United States of America for extended periods of time, but did my major social schooling in the Midwest of Central Wisconsin. Here is were I first learned of the internet in 6th grade at my Middle School. We were instructed on the use of the internet in a computer lab. I became aware of HTML in 1996 in an introductory web design course which taught us hot to hand code very simple pages in basic HTML and then we studied the use of Frames (a big no no) and how to use them to layout different areas of a website. Ah reminiscing. Fast forward to today and I reside in sunny San Diego, CA and am married to a wonderful woman, Carolina. I am actively looking for new projects or opportunities to work on my next web project. Here is how to get in touch:  

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