HubSpot Design Certification

I I passed my HubSpot Design Certification multiple choice & practicum exams as well as the Email Marketing and am now a fully certified with the academy. The Design Certification was a very informative online class about the design tools available for you in the HubSpot system. It was focused on Landing/Web Pages, Blogs and Email templates that are responsive & use the Dynamic HubSpot system Tags called HubL (spoken as "hubble"). This class I recommend for any Marketer, Designer, or Developer that is planning to use HubSpot for their clients or company.The HubSpot Academy - Email Marketing Certification was way more about the practical do's and do not's of email world. CANSPAM, ESPs, and other mechanisms have made it so that marketing via email and having any kind of success is going to take some work. There is a lot of work and in some senses you are back the IE 7 browser era with the different email clients rendering. There is also great consideration of image(s) and content, as well as Links, CTAs and a whole lot of other great stuff.

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