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Welcome to ChuckDowe.com and thanks for stopping by to see my website portfolio and blog. Here is a quick introduction to who I am and how you can reach me. Chuck DoweI have lived on both coasts of the United States of America for extended periods of time, but did my major social schooling in the Midwest of Central Wisconsin. Here is were I first learned of the internet in 6th grade at my Middle School. We were instructed on the use of the internet in a computer lab. I became aware of HTML in 1996 in an introductory web design course which taught us hot to hand code very simple pages in basic HTML and then we studied the use of Frames (a big no no) and how to use them to layout different areas of a website. Ah reminiscing. Fast forward to today and I reside in sunny San Diego, CA and am married to a wonderful woman, Carolina. I am actively looking for new projects or opportunities to work on my next web project. Here is how to get in touch:  

HubSpot Design Certification

I I passed my HubSpot Design Certification multiple choice & practicum exams as well as the Email Marketing and am now a fully certified with the academy. The Design Certification was a very informative online class about the design tools available for you in the HubSpot system. It was focused on Landing/Web Pages, Blogs and Email templates that are responsive & use the Dynamic HubSpot system Tags called HubL (spoken as "hubble"). This class I recommend for any Marketer, Designer, or Developer that is planning to use HubSpot for their clients or company.The HubSpot Academy - Email Marketing Certification was way more about the practical do's and do not's of email world. CANSPAM, ESPs, and other mechanisms have made it so that marketing via email and having any kind of success is going to take some work. There is a lot of work and in some senses you are back the IE 7 browser era with the different email clients rendering. There is also great consideration of image(s) and content, as well as Links, CTAs and a whole lot of other great stuff.

What I learned by going to Code Camp as a mid level developer

So I have been hearing about these "Code Bootcamps," Code Schools, and other online academies that offer to level up my skills to help become employable. I did some research, looked at the chart of features, and compared pricing of the major players in this market. After some digging around, and not knowing my availability to adhere to a strict learning schedule, I decided on 'freeCodeCamp." (freecodecamp.com) I chose this option for my experience for several reasons:
  1. It is self paced
  2. You build a portfolio of open projects on CodePen & Github.
  3. It is Free
  4. It offers a "Full Stack" Certification (Frontend, Data Visualization, Backend)
  5. Your projects help Non-Profits.
This list is not all inclusive of my decision, but are the highlights of the process. Another reason is that there is a local community of people learning with you. From active online chat rooms, to forums, to Local Meet-Ups in your area; freeCodeCamp has been visibly promoting the community of students, peers and helpful educators. Coffee = code So far the experience has been a delight, with the learning broken into easily digestible bites of information. The available resources cover a wide array of topics from basic computing to 'Big O' notation for large complex projects. I am just getting in the JavaScript sections and find that they have done a very good idea of giving you information and letting you work out the solution through instant code execution feedback and examples. I have been using this as a refresher so far, but as the topics are becoming more & more advanced I am finding new ways to accomplish things in JS that I have done in other ways for years. I will post further on this as the class progresses. For others looking for a good way to begin Web Programming, I highly suggest you consider this course to get see if it is for you! Happy coding.

HubSpot Inbound Certification Program

I recently took a very nice and informative marketing class online. It was designed by a company called HubSpot and was focused on tipping the normal marketing approach on it's head. The idea that you need the hard sale or pitch was fine for it's era, but things have changed drastically. Millennials, upper Management and Technologists have come to know that salespeople are no longer the "gate keeper" of information. The approach of inbound marketing is to provide information and tools to make the decision easier and positioning yourself as the expert or industry leader through information distribution. This basically means, if you have good content created, that the Right Person will find what you created at the Right Time to make a decision about a product or service. Keys of this approach are creating enticing content on Mediums that your audience consumes, helping your customers/clients move through the conversion funnel, and providing valuable solutions to every step along the way. This course was designed equally for the salty sales guy, the quirky developer, your hardcore marketer, and your management team. It put things in a way that just made sense and was easy to understand. The class is broken down into several modules with both the Slide Decks the presenter used but also transcripts to download. This made it very easy to understand and follow along as I had to stop & go back to the training though out the class. If you are in need of a new marketing strategy, just want to know what 'Inbound' is, or are looking know more about the HubSpot process, you should look into: https://app.hubspot.com/academy-certification/. I would highly recommend trying to complete each section before you walk away if you have the luxury,  as most presenters have a very good vocal cadence and move through ideas quickly. This is a self paced course, so jump into the wonderful world of digital marketing, SEO and social media publishing.

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