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Internet Explorer Developer Tools Keyboard Shortcuts


Developer Tools Keyboard Shortcuts Developer Tools Menu Bar Shortcut Keys Action Shortcut Keys Open/Close Developer Tools F12 Resize to 800×600 Ctrl+Shift+1 Resize to 1024×768 Ctrl+Shift+2 Resize to 1280×768 Ctrl+Shift+3 Resize to 1280×1024 Ctrl+Shift+4 Switch to Quirks mode Alt+Q Switch to Windows Internet Explorer 7 Standards mode Alt+7 Switch to Internet Explorer 8Read the Rest…

Mozilla Firefox Keyboard shortcuts


Navigation Command Shortcut Back Alt + ← Backspace Forward Alt + → Shift + Backspace Home Alt + Home Open File Ctrl + O Reload F5 Ctrl + R Reload (override cache) Ctrl + F5 Ctrl + Shift + R Stop Esc Current Page Command Shortcut Go to Bottom ofRead the Rest…

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