What I learned by going to Code Camp as a mid level developer

So I have been hearing about these "Code Bootcamps," Code Schools, and other online academies that offer to level up my skills to help become employable. I did some research, looked at the chart of features, and compared pricing of the major players in this market. After some digging around, and not knowing my availability to adhere to a strict learning schedule, I decided on 'freeCodeCamp." (freecodecamp.com) I chose this option for my experience for several reasons:
  1. It is self paced
  2. You build a portfolio of open projects on CodePen & Github.
  3. It is Free
  4. It offers a "Full Stack" Certification (Frontend, Data Visualization, Backend)
  5. Your projects help Non-Profits.
This list is not all inclusive of my decision, but are the highlights of the process. Another reason is that there is a local community of people learning with you. From active online chat rooms, to forums, to Local Meet-Ups in your area; freeCodeCamp has been visibly promoting the community of students, peers and helpful educators. Coffee = code So far the experience has been a delight, with the learning broken into easily digestible bites of information. The available resources cover a wide array of topics from basic computing to 'Big O' notation for large complex projects. I am just getting in the JavaScript sections and find that they have done a very good idea of giving you information and letting you work out the solution through instant code execution feedback and examples. I have been using this as a refresher so far, but as the topics are becoming more & more advanced I am finding new ways to accomplish things in JS that I have done in other ways for years. I will post further on this as the class progresses. For others looking for a good way to begin Web Programming, I highly suggest you consider this course to get see if it is for you! Happy coding.

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